Monthly Meetups

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Get social – regardless of your status!

IGNITE welcomes the Phoenix LGBTQ+ Community to come together to get social with us each month! Join like-minded people who all agree to leave stigma & judgment at the door. Simply enjoy the company of new friends, free appetizers, great drinks, and our AMAZING community! What better way is there to expand your social circle!?

Watch the Southwest Center’s event calendar and IGNITE’s Facebook Page for any updates on meetup dates, times and locations.

Monthly Mixer

IGNITE’s Monthly Mixer is held on the third Wednesday of each month downtown at Bliss/ReBar. Get to know new friends over yummy appetizers and delicious drinks.

A selection of appetizers will be available at no cost. Drinks and a full menu of food is available for purchase  – check out Bliss/ReBar’s menu here.

Times & Location

3rd Wednesday or each month
5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

901 N. 4th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is it free?

IGNITE’s Monthly Mixer is free to attend!

For the Monthly Mixers: A selection of appetizers are available for FREE! Drinks and other food items are available for purchase. You can view Bliss / ReBar’s menu by clicking here.

Bliss/ReBar has generously provided the space for these events to IGNITE and appreciate your business.

+ What if I see somone I know?

Relax – it’s just a Mixer! All we ask is that stigma related to HIV is checked at the door. Other than that – the mixer is open to our LGBTQ+ community and allies – regardless of status!

No conclusions can be drawn about a person’s HIV status simply by attending the Mixer! The group is heavily mixed and status rarely even comes up. It’s simply a great way to meet new people in a local, status-neutral setting. So, if you see someone you know, do what you usually do when you see them!