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At the Southwest Center, we take a holistic approach to nutritional health. Explore the range of services our Nutrition Team provides below.


Nutrition Assessments

Southwest Center’s Nutrition Assessments include a one-on-one comprehensive nutritional assessment with a registered dietitian, body composition testing (BIA test), education on healthy food choices and recommendations for nutritional supplements through our on-site Vitamin & Herb Shop.


Lunch and Learn

Our weekly Lunch & Learn program provides nutritional congregate meals, social bonding, and health promotion education for HIV-positive members of our community. Men's Lunch is Wednesday from Noon to 1pm, and Women's Lunch is Thursday from Noon to 1pm. No RSVP needed!

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Food Voucher Program

For people living with HIV, proper nutrition is a critical part of maintaining a healthy immune system. That's why the Southwest Center provides $50 food vouchers to HIV-positive clients who meet certain medical/nutritional needs. To determine if you may be eligible, call 602.307.5330 to schedule an appointment with a member of our Nutrition Team today!


Vitamin & Herb Shop

Our on-site Vitamin and Herb Shop allows clients and community members to access high-quality, affordable vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Anyone, regardless of HIV status, is welcome! Please note that the Vitamin and Herb Shop is closed everyday from Noon to 1:00pm. For more information, call the shop at 602.595.8167.